SoveReign Comics, a visual story telling publisher that takes “Imagination Full Reign,” is the brain child of Tyrone Jackson. A universal level production that started with a story and a character. His dream to see more characters of African decent fueled his need to create. Being a vivid imaginary from an early age, an avid sci-fi lover and comic book reader, creating a massive story came easy to him. More than himself, Tyrone wants to bring artists of color on board and female creatives on board as well to not only make a diversified story but a diversified story telling base.

SoveReign Comics is a fictional Universe that expands past the boarders of Earth, literally. It delves into Alternate Universes, inhabited planets within its own galaxy, different realms, time travel and the future. It dives into the usage of the Zodiac as Gods, The Orisha and Egyptian Gods. Using the three mythos as the main pantheons of the Universe. As mentioned previously, SoveReign Comics has a diverse line-up and takes pride in its diversity. That diversity not only wades in ethnicity but, in sexuality, lifestyle and physical differences that most comic publication companies steer away from. While diversity is the forefront, SoveReign Comics also strives to bring great stories to its readers, as well as great artwork. SoveReign’s goal is to bring something different to the comic book industry and while doing so, destroying the very foundation that is the norm in that industry.

Titles within SoveReign Comics are as follows:

Cypher Team
Monsta Brigade: Light Bringers
Orisha Exos
Anyamo Stigmata
Infinite Reign

Welcome to the SoveReign Verse

“SoveReign Comics, Imagination Full Reign”

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