Poppin Gourmet (Popcorn)
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Poppin Gourmet, a place to find unique and delicious gourmet popcorn flavors. I started Poppin Gourmet after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent for making unique delicious flavored popcorn.

When asked where I get my ideas for my recipes, I can’t help but give all glory to God. You see, I’ve become very passionate about the popcorn I make because with the help of my customers this has become a team effort. I’ve been inspired greatly by the ideas that have been thrown my way to make all the delicious flavors you all see today. It’s a beatuful thing to know that you’ve put a smile on an individuals face with a few kernels at a time.

With Poppin Gourmet, I hope to serve you with the highest quality ingredients with no preservatives. Each kernel has been perfectly popped and each sauce has been made to perfection. All orders are made to order to guarantee freshness. I hope you love the popcorn as much as I enjoy making it.

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