Gracemade is a faith-driven lifestyle brand that delivers a fashion-forward interpretation of modest apparel. Established in 2016, the brand was created by founder Jasmine Rennie as a means for women to express their personal style while honoring their faith.

We believe that there is nothing more liberating than unapologetically glorifying God in every aspect of our lives – and that includes our clothing, the message it sends, and its impact on our global community. Our mission is to reinvent the way the world thinks about modesty, particularly when it comes to fashion and personal expression. The way we see it, modesty is not a form of restriction or constraint; it’s an invitation to explore our hearts’ intentions and discover where we find our worth. At Gracemade, we choose to accept that invitation: by sharing our vision of infusing effortless, demure style with bold, creative confidence, we hope to empower women to celebrate their self-worth and embrace the beauty within.

Each Gracemade piece is designed and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, using ethical standards with the utmost respect for people, our local community, and our environment. In addition to producing locally, we aim to impact lives through our commitment to give back: with every Gracemade purchase, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

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