Arway Bags and Accessories
Unique Handmade Bags

All business ventures indulged in under the ARWAY brand, sole objective is to engage Liberian youth in the art sector; thereby encouraging collaboration with Liberian Artists in order to create appealing commodities. The end goal is to create beneficial economic opportunities for all involved, while enhancing skills. Our workshop is located in the heart of Monrovia, Liberia with distribution points in USA, and Nigeria.
ARWAY bags commenced in 2015, after years of immense research to ensure durability. ARWAY bags are made from the finest West African Ankara and cow/sheep hide (leather), to ensure durability. We handpick cloths, skins, and wood that make our bags and accessories unique. Since the beginning of time Africans live of the land, we cannot stray from tradition, but find means of modernizing and helping our tribes keep with tradition. Thus, we buy directly from local hunters, contributing to their livelihoods. We believe it is important Liberia continues to maintain a low carbon emission record; we strive to use materials that were produced locally, or recycled when feasible.

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