Our Black Web allows a series of services and options not found on any other site. Check out what we can offer below!

“Business Listing”
We list only black owned and run businesses. Each business is painstakingly verified for accuracy.

“True Community”
A guaranteed space to share and network your black owned business.

Black business is essential to the prosperity, growth, and continued positive development of the black community.

The key to our survival is building our communities and the best way to do that is to spend within our communities.

Our Black Web is an idea in motion and was birthed from the Black Owned Business Collective. Both Nay Marie and Will Focus desired to create something that would put an idea into action rather than simply discussing. Nay took immediately to Facebook, creating a movement allowing those with businesses to promote and connect with one another using various methods of network attraction. Will decided to further the concept and develop a central hub online where access to and promotion of these businesses, information, and events is made simple and can be managed.

Both OurBlackWeb and it’s Black Owned Business Collective Facebook group work in conjunction with one another, utilizing very special tools unique to each platform to sustain and advance the Black Business and Black Networking Community.

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The Our Black Web logo was designed by Will Focus and represents several ideals that are crucial to black success. The overall icon is composed of a custom letter “b” representing the word “black” which encompasses the description of whom this community is here to help, it is juxtaposed against three other of its kind along with a map pin marker, representing direction and the welcoming of black businesses across the globe (north, south, east, and west). The final two aspects of the logo are a purposeful two way interlocking infinity symbol to represent a continued effort to maintain this concept and connection of black business, as well as the overall iconography of a “web” which is a network of various information, shared within itself. Finishing off the logo is a custom typeface developed using the base elements of the iconography itself. A complete self-sustained black communal logo.